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    The clothes hanger is probably one of those products that each industrial designer looks at with disgust, and probably redesigns at least once in their lifetime. They’re so commonly found and horribly designed, that they’re the perfect product to relook and reinvent. I imagine YD sees at least 5 hanger redesigns each year, each better than the previous one, either improving on its strength, its eco-friendliness, or its function. The Hurdle Hanger, like all its predecessors, looks at the common household hanger with a similar feeling of repugnance, promising to do more, and look better while doing it.Designed with the specific objective of being the world’s easiest and strongest pant-hanger, the Hurdle is a single-piece hanger that’s molded out of ABS, rather than the common PP hangers that flex and break. ABS is break-proof and impact resistant, allowing the hanger to easily take the weight of your pair of jeans without buckling or snapping under the pressure. It also helps that the hanger measures a cool 6 millimeters in thickness, making it marginally thicker than your flimsy plastic hanger, but loads stronger too.The Hurdle Hanger’s design comes in an open, linear pattern that makes sliding and draping your pants on them easy. If you’ve got shorts that are too short to drape on the Hurdle, hang them by sliding the hanger through the belt loops. The draping method works well for most of your clothes (topwear too), while the insert-holding technique makes it easy to hang shorts, or pants you don’t want to crease/fold (pro-tip, you could use this technique to hold pants that have stuff in their pockets too). A non-slip surface on the hanger prevents your clothes from accidentally sliding off, while a dedicated hook on one end helps you also hang accessories like belts, caps, etc. All in all, the Hurdle promises to broadly do three things better than regular wooden or plastic hangers. Be easier to use, provide more features, and last much longer than run-of-the-mill mass-produced pant-hangers.What’s noteworthy about the Hurdle Hanger is that unlike most of the hanger redesigns we end up featuring on YD, the Hurdle isn’t conceptual. Taken from sketch to prototype to mass-manufacturing, designer Seungwoo Hong plans to make his iteration of the hanger available to the public. The Hurdle Hanger is currently in its crowdfunding stage, available in anywhere from a pack of 10 for regular consumers, to packs of 60 for retail outlets and warehouses.Designer: Seungwoo HongClick Here To Buy Now: $20 $25 (20% off).The Hurdle Hanger is an organizing solution that removes all of the existing inconveniences of pants maintenance like crumples, crease, clip marks, and having to take out coins from the pockets! It is the world’s easiest and strongest pant-hanger.Hurdle Hanger is easy and intuitive to use. Literally takes 1 second.The Hurdle is a single-piece hanger that’s molded out of ABS and is break-proof and impact resistant. ABS allows the hanger to easily take the weight of your pair of jeans without buckling or snapping under the pressure.HOW TO USEInsert Holding way of using the Hurdle Hanger.Fold Holding way of using the Hurdle Hanger.Front Holding way of using the Hurdle Hanger.Click Here To Buy Now: $20 $25 (20% off).
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